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20 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Moving in Houston (or Anywhere Else)

The prospect of moving can be exciting. A new home! A new neighborhood! But the packing, the relocating, the begging friends for help can be overwhelming. At least researching and comparing moving companies doesn’t have to be a pain. We offer quotes from multiple moving companies because we want to make moving in Houston simpler for you. In addition, using the following moving tips and tricks can reduce your stress and make the process far less daunting.

1. Save money with free moving boxes

Practice thrift and snag free boxes for packing and moving. Prime sources include the Craigslist “free” section, grocery stores, and clothing stores.

2. Be bold about getting rid of things

Don’t be afraid to purge yourself of stuff you don’t need anymore. As you sort, identify what you can donate. The more you eliminate, the less you will have to move and the less cluttered your new home will be.

3. Create and adhere to a schedule

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, write out a schedule and be disciplined in sticking to it. Planning ahead will help, too. Remember to do things like defrost and clean your refrigerator (no less than 24 hours ahead of the move—otherwise, you’ll be moving a smelly, leaking appliance).

4. Take a snapshot of your electronics configurations

You will have to unplug and pack your electronics. Before you do, snap a picture of how you have the devices set up, including the plugs and cords in back. This way you won’t waste time trying to remember where every device goes and how they connect. You will be amazed at how much time you save!

5. Leave your clothes hanging … but bag them up

You can keep your clothes on their hangers and still protect them by pulling garbage bags over them. Label the bags so you don’t get confused as to whose closet they belong in.

6. Pack a box or bag of first-night necessities

After you’ve moved in, don’t rummage around boxes just to find your PJs and toothbrush. Assemble a “first-night box” that contains everything you need for the first night in your new home. Include toiletries, sleepwear, breakfast dishes, and clothes for the next day.

7. Protect your plates

Slip disposable foam plates in between your real plates for added protection for packing. Then use the disposable plates for meals and snacks when you unpack the kitchen.

8. Keep everything in drawers and wrap them up

Plastic wrap can be used to prevent dresser drawers from coming open while on the moving truck. You can also use plastic wrap to keep content in drawer trays (for example, wrap trays of silverware in kitchen drawers).

9. Pack glasses in wine boxes

Wine cases, which can be found at a local bar, grocery store, or, of course, a winery, are perfect for packing glassware. Glasses stay organized and protected. Stuff newspaper in each compartment for added protection.

10. Keep items separated by room

To stay organized, make sure you separate and pack items based on what room they belong in. This will make unpacking go much more quickly.

11. Assemble a basket of packing supplies

You can save time (and maintain sanity) by keeping packing supplies together in one place. Put everything you need in a basket or box that you can bring with you from room to room. This simple task will keep you from running all over the house looking for scissors or tape.

12. Pack jewelry in an egg carton

Egg cartons come in handy for packing jewelry. Be sure to tape them shut, though, to prevent anything from falling out. Need an easy way to pack necklaces and bracelets? Use toilet paper rolls: thread one end of the necklace through the tube, and then fasten the clasp.

13. Organize nuts and bolts

You will probably have to disassemble some furniture before you move. Use resealable plastic bags to collect and organize fasteners such as the screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. Label the bags so you know which bags go with which piece of furniture (or tape the bags to the piece of the furniture).

14. Make your own hand-holds

If heavy boxes don’t have handles, make your own! Using a box-cutter, cut triangle-shaped holes into the sides of the box. This will make lifting easier.

15. Store seasonal items in bins

Take the time to separate and store seasonal items in storage bins, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to label them so you know not to unpack them. You can just move these bins to your new basement or storage closet.

16. Use soft items as packing material

To save money on packing material, use items such as towels, socks, sheets, and other soft things that you have to pack anyway. You’ll be doing the environment a favor, too!

17. Use colored labels to speed unpacking

Speed up the unpacking process by putting colored labels on boxes and bins. Using a color-coded system will enable you to tell at a glance what containers go where.

18. Keep doors open and unlocked with rubber bands

On moving day, you will be entering and exiting your house countless times, often with your arms full of boxes. To keep your doors swinging freely, wrap a rubber band around the doorknob on one side, stretch it across the latch, and wrap it around the other doorknob. This will also prevent anyone from being locked out in case someone shuts the door and locks it.

19. Pack liquids separately

Whether it’s cleaning supplies, shampoo, or something else that can spill, place all liquids in a plastic bin. That way, if anything does spill during transport, nothing else will be ruined.

20. Consult a packing guide

Plenty of packing tips and tricks can be found on the internet. But also remember that a professional moving company can offer a wealth of information about packing and moving in general. Hiring professional movers will also make the job (and your life) easier. Get a free quote now.

Refer to these moving tips and tricks often, and you can save loads of time while making your move go more smoothly!


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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