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Moving from Houston to College? Learn About Where You're Headed.

Moving cities for college is an exciting transition. Not only are you entering a new stage of your life, where you’ll meet new friends for life and absorb the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your career, but you’re also getting out of your hometown and discovering the culture of a new city. No matter which U.S. college you’re enrolled in, there will be lots to explore in your new city.

You’ll first want to determine what the climate is in your new city. What’s the temperature like in the summer and winter? If you’re moving north from Houston, be ready for frigid and snowy winters. It’ll also be good to acquaint yourself with the culture of your new home—both the day-to-day culture and the events and celebrations in the city. Learn the societal expectations of the city, as well as the best places to hang out and the dates to mark on your calendar. Discover the best restaurants, attractions, and little-known secrets.

The best way to do all of the above is by asking the real experts, local people. is an online community where people share information and advice about their hometowns, from where to get the best food, to weather, to local customs and social norms. By checking out what residents of your future city have to say, you can make the most of your move to college from Houston. Below, we've provided a list of city pages for 77 leading U.S. colleges to help you research your move.

  1. Amherst College is in Amherst, MA

  2. Barnard College is in New York, NY

  3. Boston University is in Boston, MA

  4. Brigham Young University is in Provo, UT

  5. Brown University is in Providence, RI

  6. California Institute of Technology is in Pasadena, CA

  7. Carnegie Mellon University is in Pittsburgh, PA

  8. Case Western Reserve University is in Cleveland, OH

  9. Claremont McKenna College is in Claremont, CA

  10. Clemson University is in Clemson, SC

  11. College of the Holy Cross is in Worcester, MA

  12. Colorado School of Mines is in Golden, CO

  13. Columbia University is in New York, NY

  14. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is in New York, NY

  15. Cornell University is in Ithaca, NY

  16. Dartmouth College is in Hanover, NH

  17. Davidson College is in Davidson, NC

  18. Duke University is in Durham, NC

  19. Emory University is in Atlanta, GA

  20. Florida State University is in Tallahassee, FL

  21. Georgetown University is in Washington, DC

  22. Georgia Institute of Technology is in Atlanta, GA

  23. Harvard University is in Cambridge, MA

  24. Harvey Mudd College is in Claremont, CA

  25. Johns Hopkins University is in Baltimore, MD

  26. Lafayette College is in Easton, PA

  27. Lehigh University is in Bethlehem, PA

  28. Macalester College is in Saint Paul, MN

  29. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in Cambridge, MA

  30. New York University is in New York, NY

  31. North Carolina State University is in Raleigh, NC

  32. Northeastern University is in Boston, MA

  33. Northwestern University is in Evanston, IL

  34. The Ohio State University is in Columbus, OH

  35. Penn State is in State College, PA

  36. Pomona College is in Claremont, CA

  37. Princeton University is in Princeton, NJ

  38. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is in Troy, NY

  39. Rice University is in Houston, TX

  40. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is in Terre Haute, IN

  41. Santa Clara University is in Santa Clara, CA

  42. Smith College is in Northampton, MA

  43. Southern Methodist University is in Dallas, TX

  44. Texas A&M University is in College Station, TX

  45. Trinity University is in San Antonio, TX

  46. Tufts University is in Medford, MA

  47. Tulane University is in New Orleans, LA

  48. University of California - Berkeley is in Berkeley, CA

  49. University of California - Davis is in Davis, CA

  50. University of California - Irvine is in Irvine, CA

  51. University of California - Los Angeles is in Los Angeles, CA

  52. University of California - Santa Barbara is in Santa Barbara, CA

  53. University of Chicago is in Chicago, IL

  54. University of Florida is in Gainesville, FL

  55. University of Georgia is in Athens, GA

  56. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is in Champaign, IL

  57. University of Miami is in Coral Gables, FL

  58. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor is in Ann Arbor, MI

  59. University of Minnesota Twin Cities is in Minneapolis, MN

  60. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is in Chapel Hill, NC

  61. University of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia, PA

  62. University of Richmond is in Richmond, VA

  63. University of Rochester is in Rochester, NY

  64. University of Southern California is in Los Angeles, CA

  65. University of Texas - Austin is in Austin, TX

  66. University of Virginia is in Charlottesville, VA

  67. University of Washington is in Seattle, WA

  68. University of Wisconsin is in Madison, WI

  69. Vanderbilt University is in Nashville, TN

  70. Vassar College is in Poughkeepsie, NY

  71. Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, VA

  72. Wake Forest University is in Winston-Salem, NC

  73. Washington University in St. Louis is in Saint Louis, MO

  74. Wesleyan University is in Middletown, CT

  75. William & Mary is in Williamsburg, VA

  76. Williams College is in Williamstown, MA

  77. Yale University is in New Haven, CT


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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