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7 Great Things about Living in Houston

Houston is an awesome city to live in, and the reasons go well beyond oil refineries, NASA, and cowboy culture. If you’re looking for educational opportunities, a new or better career, affordable housing prices, quality health care, plentiful recreational facilities, and wide open spaces, Houston is ready and waiting for you and your family!

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1. Economic opportunity

Houston has a remarkably low unemployment rate. Historically, this has been due largely to the energy and space industries. Today, Houston’s economic strength also derives from opportunities in emerging fields such as wind and solar technology. And as a top market city for exporting, Houston annually exports more than $110 billion in goods, including petroleum products and chemicals.

2. Low cost of living

Houston’s diverse energy resources and strong economy mean that its cost of living is lower than in many major cities. Studies have shown that the cost-of-living index in Houston has been running about 2% less than the national average.

3. Home ownership and the American Dream

The American family’s dream of owning their own home is more likely to come true in Houston, where the strong economy has helped protect the city from recent financial crises.

4. A booming health care industry

With 21 hospitals, 8 research centers, and 50 other associated organizations, the Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest medical complex in the world. The TMC is home to the world-renowned Texas Children’s Hospital and University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, as well as some of the best research facilities anywhere.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in the health care or research field, or you want ready access to a world-class medical center, you’ll find that Houston offers outstanding health care facilities.

5. A welcoming atmosphere of diversity

As one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, Houston continues to welcome newcomers wishing to start new lives and share in the city’s wealth and educational opportunities. That diversity is celebrated every April at the Houston International Festival, or iFest, held on 16 acres in Houston’s parks and plazas.

6. A mecca for higher education

From large campuses to small, Houston is graced with some of the best universities in the country. The University of Houston offers more than 300 degree programs. Rice University is ranked one of the nation’s best undergraduate schools and research universities.

7. An outstanding shopping experience

Considered by Forbes to be one of America’s best cities for shopping, Houston will blow you away with its selection of shopping centers and districts, such as Highland Village Shopping Center, Rice Village, and Willowbrook Mall. The Galleria meets all styles and tastes with its 400 stores, two high-rise hotels, and three office towers. You can head underground to the Houston Tunnel System, where you’ll find more restaurants and retail shops. And every spring, thousands of Houstonians gather in downtown Houston for TX Fest to celebrate “everything that’s great about the Lone Star State.”

Living in Houston will give you endless opportunities. That’s why we want to make moving to Houston as stress-free and affordable as possible. Request a free quote now for professional, reliable moving services.


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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