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Beat the Houston Heat: 5 Summer Moving Tips

Moving to a new home poses many challenges, all of which are compounded with the often intense heat of a Houston summer. If you plan to move during these months, you need to protect yourself against the heat with these summer moving tips. By heeding these precautions, you can stay cool, even while you are sorting, packing, and moving.

Take Your Time - You need to slow down when temperatures rise. Tasks will (and should) take a longer time than when temperatures are cooler. You and your helpers will need to take breaks often—sit in shade or air conditioning and drink plenty of water. Eventually, you will become acclimated to the heat. But it is important to begin at a slower pace.

Start Early – Be logical in your approach to getting things done. Mornings will be cooler than middays and afternoons, so start the hardest jobs as early in the day as you can.

Hydrate Right Away – By the time you sense thirst, it’s already too late. You need to consume water before you begin work and maintain hydration while you work. You can dehydrate quickly in scorching summer heat. It’s best to stick to water and refrain from energy drinks, caffeinated beverages, and sugary drinks. All of these hasten water loss.

If you catch yourself without water, don’t be afraid to ask for some at a restaurant or a neighbor’s house. You can also freeze some bottles of water so they will be ready the next day. Another easy way to stay hydrated: eat fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, cucumbers, celery, and green peppers. They make for healthy, hydrating snacks.

Watch What You Wear - To keep cool, you should wear loose-fitting clothes of light colors. A hat (with a brim) made of fabric that breathes will also help. Make sure to use sunscreen and apply it at least 20 minutes before going out. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are a must.

Be Wary of Symptoms – You need to know the warning signs of illnesses stemming from too much heat. Aside from thirst, one sign of dehydration is dark-colored urine. Dizziness, headache, nausea, pale skin, and profuse sweating are among the symptoms of heat exhaustion. A lack of sweating and hot, dry skin (along with shallow breathing, confusion, and nausea) are signs of heat stroke, a serious condition. If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to cool off immediately. Get out of the sun and place cold compresses behind your neck.

Put these summer moving tips into practice and you can make your move safely.


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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