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Considering Moving to Houston? 20 Facts about Houston to Help You Make Up Your Mind

Houston is an amazing, diverse city that offers tremendous economic opportunity, a ton of great attractions, five professional sports teams, and more. It’s no wonder that Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country and continues its steady growth.

But if you’re still unsure about moving to Houston, or only beginning to plan your move, don’t let worry about moving expenses discourage you. Get quotes from multiple movers now. And if you’d simply like to learn more about Houston, read the list below!

1. Houston is a rapidly growing city

There’s something about a growing city that fills residents with contagious optimism for continuing prosperity. In the years between 2010 and 2015, Houston’s population grew by 8.9%, and that increase has gone hand-in-hand with tremendous growth in the city’s job market.

2. Houston is a progressive city rich in diversity

Houston is considered one of the most diverse cities in the United States. This collage of ethnicities has created a rich blend of culture and cuisines. Houston is also home to dozens of foreign embassies and consulates.

3. The median age in Houston is getting younger

Houston is growing, and as it grows, its demographics change. With all the economic opportunity, nightlife, food, art, sports, and culture available here, younger people are moving to Houston and making the median age about 33 years.

4. Yee-haw! Rodeos are always in style

You don’t have to be from Texas to join native Houstonians at the month-long Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It’s a great tradition that brings natives and newcomers together to celebrate what makes Texas … well, Texas!

5. And there’s plenty of arts and culture to go around, too

Yes, oil money talks. And it’s done well for art patrons in Houston, because those dollars have helped support artistic diversity in the city. From the Museum of Fine Arts to the Contemporary Arts Museum, you’ll have plenty of art to enjoy and enrich your life. The city even has its own arts district, located on Washington Avenue. With all those galleries, it’s no wonder Houston won four different best show awards from the International Association of Art Critics one year.

6. History and science are certainly not forgotten

The 12-block family-friendly Museum District includes the Children’s Museum and Museum of Natural Science, as well as the Houston Zoo.

7. The cuisine scene ain’t so lean

Of course, Houston has Tex-Mex, but the culinary offerings are diverse and seemingly endless. Nothing says Texas like barbecue, and you’ll find famous places like Pappas Bar-B-Q and stumble upon some not-so-famous places, too. Tex-Mex is worth mentioning twice. You can check it out at the incredible El Tiempo or El Real Tex-Mex Café, among other places.

We don’t necessarily recommend this, but you could eat at a different restaurant in Houston for 11,000 consecutive days.

8. Weekends are made for gathering

If you’re looking for nightlife in Houston, start with Friday happy hours. The good times will then carry on all weekend into Sunday, when you can enjoy a mimosa while talking football or baseball.

9. Some pretty good pro teams play in Houston

From the Astros in MLB, the Texans in the NFL, and the Rockets in the NBA, Houston pretty much has it all for professional sports. Let’s not forget the professional soccer and rugby teams that make their home in Houston, as well as many other professional teams in a variety of sports.

10. Then there’s the rest of Texas to explore

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Living in the second-largest state in the country, Houstonians like to get out and explore the state’s rich history and its other great cities, such as Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Galveston.

11. Houston, we have a space center

You could say that Houston is synonymous with NASA, and that means another fascinating place to explore. Our advice? Purchase a Houston CityPASS and visit the NASA Space Center while you’re checking out other Houston attractions.

12. Home ownership is a real possibility

Quick quiz: Is there a major American city where you can purchase a house for around $150,000? Answer: Yes—Houston. City leaders work hard to make sure the housing supply keeps up with the demand.

13. Taxes are a give-and-take affair

When you do purchase a home in Houston, your property taxes could be a little higher than in other cities, and the city’s sales tax is higher than average. To balance that out, keep in mind that Texas has no state tax.

14. You’ll likely need your own vehicle in Houston

There are public transit cities and there are car cities. While New York City is one of the former, Houston is one of the latter. Much has been invested in freeways and interstate highways, so take a tip from the 90% of Houstonians who own their own vehicle and have your own set of wheels.

Keep in mind that Houston’s bus system is being upgraded, and a great light-rail system connects the downtown to midtown. That means can take public transit to the Medical Center, Rice University, and the Museum District, to name a few busy locales.

15. Knowing the Loop will be a big help

Traversing Interstate 610, also known as “The Loop,” will take you to a lot of well-known attractions in and around Houston. Learn the Loop well, and you should have no problems getting around.

16. Houston’s zoning laws are oddly liberal

If you’re looking to build a commercial structure in Houston, you’ll run into less red tape than in other cities. In Houston, the strict zoning laws of other cities generally don’t exist. While leads to some interesting city blocks—think skyscrapers towering over residential neighborhoods—it’s just another unique feature of Houston.

17. It’s warm here—but you already knew that

In Houston, the spring, summer and fall get hot, so be prepared to wear sunscreen and dress in light clothes. But in February, when it’s snowing up north, you can be on one of Houston’s many golf courses or eating lunch the patio. With more than 200 days of sunshine in Houston, it’s no wonder the folks here are so friendly.

18. Life’s a beach, and you can find one close by

Houston is known for sun but not necessarily sand. But there are sun-splashed beaches nearby, such as in Galveston. So when you want to get away and relax in your swimsuit on a warm beach, you can find one in less than an hour.

19. Be prepared for Mother Nature

Houston is subtropical, so expect weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. When you do make Houston your home, make sure you have a disaster-preparedness kit on hand.

20. Houston hospitality is the real deal

The folks in Houston have a reputation for being welcoming and friendly. Don’t be surprised when they smile and hold the door for you—it’s a natural part of their special Texas hospitality.

By now, you must be even more excited about moving to Houston. Start your journey by getting a quote from multiple moving services today!


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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