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Finding Gun Safe Movers in Houston: 3 Points to Consider

Home protection is important to Texans. However, if you’re one of the many Houstonians with a gun safe, you may be worried about damaging it or your floor when you move to a new home. So how do you move your gun safe, well, safely? A multitude of gun safe movers in Houston can help you get the job done right, so here are some points to consider when searching for the right movers to ensure you can continue to protect your new home.

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1. Get the weight of your safe.

First and foremost, you’ll need to determine how much your safe weighs. Gun safes can be extremely heavy, so not all professional movers have the proper equipment to accommodate them. Make sure to remove all the guns first, because your movers need the weight of your empty gun safe.

Don’t try to weigh your safe on your own, as you may just end up damaging it. Many gun safe movers in Houston can look up the weight of your safe if you just provide the make and model. Additionally, most of the weight comes from the door and handles, so if your safe is too heavy, some moving companies can remove those components to lighten the load.

2. Make sure your mover is careful.

When moving a gun safe, you have to protect not only the safe but also your floor. Make sure to choose a moving company that will lay down blankets and other materials in their path when moving your safe throughout the house. This will ensure that both the gun safe and your floor survive the move unscathed.

You’ll want a mover that carefully inspects the safe prior to the move to detect any visible damage. The goal is for your gun safe to arrive in your new Houston home in the same condition as it left your last one, so a company that carefully checks the state of your safe beforehand is dedicated to quality.

3. Know where to put your safe at your new place.

Once your professional Houston-based movers have dismantled your gun safe and wrapped it up safely, the next step is loading it into the truck. Generally, three movers can complete this task with the aid of a moving dolly. However, if your safe is relatively heavy, it might make sense to use a truck with a lift gate, a hydraulic platform that the movers can raise or lower to lift heavy cargo. This makes loading the gun safe into the truck easy, and your movers will rearrange it once in the truck so that it fits perfectly.

Once your gun safe arrives at its new home, your movers can set it up in its new position, so make sure to plan out where you want it. As when moving the gun safe from your old home, any reputable gun safe mover in Houston will lay down blankets and other materials on the floor of your new home to prevent damage, as well.

If you value your gun safe and want to keep it protected during your upcoming move, hire seasoned professionals experienced in moving gun safes. The professional movers we work with in Houston want to keep both your gun safe and your home protected.

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Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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