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How to Prepare for a Move to Houston (or Anywhere Else)

If relocating to Houston is in your near future, you will want to start preparing now, especially if it will be a long-distance move. The more miles between your new home and your old home, the more stress you can potentially face. If you use this list of tips to prepare for your move to Houston, your relocation—no matter how far it is—will be a smooth one.

Pack Early: Relocating to Houston will require time, so start packing as soon as possible. A logical place to start is with items that don’t get used often or things you know you can do without for an extended time.

Sort and Purge: Moving is the perfect time to identify things you really don’t need and get rid of them. Moving companies charge by weight, so the less you move the more you will save. If you don’t use a moving company, you will still want to limit the number of boxes you are transporting. Consider leaving things behind, such as an old washer and dryer, and purchasing new ones.

Select a Moving Company: Don’t wait until the last minute—interview movers now to ensure you find a reputable, reliable company to assist you with the heavy work. A good rule of thumb is to interview moving companies no less than eight weeks ahead of your move. An early start in selecting a mover is especially important in the summer when they can be booked months in advance.

Separate Valuables: Keep valuables like jewelry separate from other boxes that will be moved. Transport them yourself. This includes valuable documents such as birth certificates, car registrations, and passports as well as important paperwork like rental agreements. Secure these items in a file box in your car.

Inspect Your New Home: Be sure you identify any issues with your new home prior to your relocation. Coordinate with the current owner on what needs to be addressed before moving in. Trying to deal with fixes after you move in will create more stress.

Switch Utilities: Any utility or service for your new home should be switched over to your name at least four weeks before your move-in date to accommodate for any new installation. This includes water/sewage, gas, garbage, electric, phone, and cable. Be sure to pay any necessary deposits.

Before relocating to Houston, follow these steps and you will make your move an efficient one.


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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