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Researching the Cost of Movers in Houston: 7 Questions to Ask for an Accurate Quote

Finding the right moving company is no easy task, with a lot of factors at play. One of the key factors is cost, so no matter where you’re moving in Houston, always make sure to get a written estimate from moving companies before signing a contract. This allows you to plan financially and collect quotes. Below, we’ve outlined a few questions to ask yourself to make sure your estimate is as accurate as possible.

We also offer quotes from multiple movers to help you compare.

What’s involved in generating a quote?

Based on your description of your belongings, the movers we work with in Houston evaluate how long it will take to move them and take note of any fragile or particularly difficult-to-move objects. This information allows them to draft a plan for your move, including which equipment is necessary and what precautionary measures need to be taken for fragile items such as antiques. Then the movers will provide you with an estimate of the final cost of your move.

What kind of quotes do movers offer?

Movers in Houston offer one of three different types of plans to estimate the cost of moving:

  • Binding estimate. The estimated price is your cost of moving, even if the actual weight of your items is higher or lower. When contacting moving companies that work with this system, be wary of “highball” estimates.

  • Non-binding estimate. The moving company estimates the cost of moving merely as a guideline, and the final price is based on the actual weight of the items, measured after loading. Thus, your actual cost of moving in Houston could be a bit higher or lower. However, according to federal regulations, movers cannot charge more than 110% of the non-binding estimate.

  • Binding not to exceed estimate. This type of estimate is the most favorable for customers. The movers cannot charge you more than the estimated price, but if the actual weight of your possessions is lower than expected, they’ll adjust the cost accordingly so that you pay less.

Know which kind of quote your movers are offering so that you won’t be surprised on moving day by an unexpectedly high cost.

Will movers come to your house to generate a quote?

We provide the ability to collect multiple quotes from dozens of reputable Houston moving services. After collecting these online quotes and comparing them, you may wish to follow up with the most competitive offers. Often, following up will involve a home visit from a moving service representative, but some companies are able to offer estimates by phone, too.

What are you taking?

You may not be taking everything in your current house to your new Houston home. If you still have items you’re planning on selling or giving away, make sure your mover has not included these items in your estimate, and on moving day, ensure you mark them in some way, such as with a sticky note, so the movers know to leave them in place.

What exactly will moving day look like?

Draft up a list of questions to ask your prospective moving companies. Houston’s diverse moving services offer various plans regarding costs, packing, loading and unloading, and other aspects of your move, so make sure you understand what your plan includes.

How will they calculate the final price?

  • Will they provide boxes and packing materials, and if so, how much will they charge for them?

  • How will they deal with fragile or specialty items?

  • How many movers will be coming?

  • When do they plan to start?

  • How long is the move expected to take?

  • Do they require any special access to anywhere?

Asking these questions will help you plan your day and move smoothly into your new home in Houston. Furthermore, the way your moving service answers these questions can help you judge their professionalism.

Is your moving company properly insured?

Before signing your contract, it’s crucial to make sure your movers are properly licensed and insured. It doesn’t matter how low the cost of moving is if your moving company is operating in Houston without proper licensing and insurance. You can generally find licensing and insurance information on movers’ websites, but you can also consult the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to verify any information your mover provides.

Furthermore, if your movers demand that you pay in cash, stay away. Unfortunately, even in Houston, unsavory moving companies are looking to illegally milk money out of customers, so go with your gut instinct if you feel uncomfortable.

What’s on the bill of lading?

All full-service movers in Houston and the United States in general are required to provide a bill of lading, which serves as a contractual agreement. Before signing, carefully review the information to make sure it’s all accurate. The bill should list all the services you’ve discussed with your movers, and the cost of moving should accurately reflect the information from your estimate. Make sure you understand all the charges listed. In addition, any reputable moving company in Houston will provide paperwork about insurance coverage, the payment, the destination address, the mover’s contact information, the mover’s vehicle ID, and the dates of pick-up and delivery. Make sure to ask any questions you have about the documentation to make sure you clearly understand the logistics and cost of your move.

Getting a quote is an important step in planning your move, so it’s important to be aware of all the aspects to consider. If you ask yourself the questions we’ve outlined, you can help ensure your move in Houston proceeds smoothly and that your cost of moving stays affordable.

Moving in Houston doesn’t have to break the bank! Get quotes from multiple movers now.

Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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