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The Ultimate Moving Checklist: 22 Things to Keep in Mind When You Move within Houston

Any move can be challenging, even if it is just within Houston. Stay organized with this moving checklist and week-to-week timeline.

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Eight weeks prior to move

  1. Decide what to take with you and what to dispose of. Sort through items in every room of your house and get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you on the move. Identify any items that will require insurance or specific packing instructions.

  2. Explore moving company options. Secure estimates from several companies for comparison.

  3. Start a moving folder. Save important document, notes, estimates, receipts, inventories, and this moving checklist in a folder or binder so everything is organized and easily accessible.

  4. Transfer school records. Request records from your children’s schools be transferred to your new school district.

Six weeks prior to move

  1. Gather moving supplies. Buy packing boxes and containers, tape, Bubble Wrap, markers, labels, and anything else you think you might need for the move. Consider wardrobe boxes or special containers for items such as dishes.

  2. Reduce inventories. Take stock of what you have and focus on getting rid of items that don’t need to come with you. Consume frozen or perishable foods. Use up any cleaning supplies.

  3. Measure rooms and furniture. Ensure that large pieces of furniture will be able to fit the dimensions of the rooms in your new home. Don’t forget to measure doorways, stairwells, and entryways.

Four weeks prior to move

  1. Select a moving company. Ask the moving company to send written confirmation of the moving date, costs, and other critical details. Don’t forget to add this to your moving folder!

  2. Start packing. Begin packing the items you use least frequently (an electric griddle or badminton set, for example). For items that might require insurance coverage, note in writing items valued over $100 per pound (computers, for instance).

  3. Apply labels. Add labels to boxes and containers. Each label should be numbered and list the contents of the container and the room where it belongs. This process is crucial for maintaining an accurate inventory. For items that will be required immediately, label them as “Essential.”

  4. Add to your safe box. Keep a safe box for valuables such as jewelry and important documents. You will keep this with you and transport it to your new home. For easy access on moving day, keep your moving folder and this moving checklist in the safe box.

  5. Submit change-of-address forms. Fill out a change-of-address form on the USPS website, or request a paper form from your post office. Ask a neighbor to watch for any mail that comes after you move, and check in with them with every two weeks for a month or so. Change your address for any newspaper, magazine, or other subscriptions.

  6. Share your new address. Notify any other groups about your upcoming move. Examples include banks, your employer’s payroll/HR department, and credit card, insurance, and utility companies.

  7. Transfer medical records. Request copies of your medical records or arrange for them to be transferred to your new health care provider.

Two weeks prior to move

  1. Request days off. Ask your employer for the time off that you’ll need for the move.

  2. Prepare for new safe-deposit boxes. If you will be changing banks, retrieve the contents of your safe-deposit box from your old bank, and keep these items to your safe box until you can transfer them to your new bank.

  3. Confirm details with the moving company. Adjust schedules if necessary.

One week prior to move

  1. Clean out your freezer. Empty, defrost, and clean your freezer if you’re taking it with you. Do this no less than a day before moving day.

  2. Check the details… again. Confirm details with the moving company one more time. Ensure the company has precise directions to your home and the correct contact information. Review this moving checklist to make sure everything has been done.

  3. Get payment ready. Know how you are going to pay for the moving company—cash, check, or credit card. If appropriate, tip the movers 10% to 15% of the total fee (or $100 and up per mover if the relocation was particularly difficult).

Day of the move

  1. Sweat the details. Scams are not unheard of, so make sure the moving truck that arrives is from the company you hired.

  2. Supervise and check inventory. When the move is complete, don’t forget to check and sign the bill of lading and inventory list, as this will serve as a receipt of shipment. Ensure that all items on the list were delivered. Keep a copy for your records.

Consult this moving checklist often to ensure crucial details don’t get missed.

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Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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