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7 Tips for How to Pack for College in Houston

You’re ready for the excitement of college, but not for the drudgery of moving. Packing your things, hauling them to a new place, and navigating through a maze of other people doing exactly the same thing can make for a dreadful experience. For a successful college move-in day in Houston or any of the nearby college cities like College Station, you have to start by packing efficiently and effectively. Follow these tips for how to pack for college and your move-in can be a smooth one:

Sort It Out

Packing begins with sorting your belongings into three categories:

  • Keep – Start with this rule of thumb: only keep clothes you’ve worn or items you’ve used within the last six months. Let your past behavior guide your future behavior. Sure, you might wear that shirt again sometime, but if you haven’t done so in half a year it is not likely.

  • Donate – Handle these items first. You can donate these items to charity, sell them at a yard sale (if time permits), or just give them away.

  • Toss – This should be easy. Get rid of anything that is broken, torn, damaged, etc.

Know the Climate

You will love the weather in Houston, but you’ll need to know how to pack for it. Though summers can be hot and muggy, winters are mild. August is generally the hottest month with January being the coldest (but only in the 40s, on average). The area’s wet season runs from May through October. Just remember to apply your rule for packing—only include items you will undoubtedly wear.

Pack Now, Buy Later

If you want to limit the stress of your move, minimize how much you have to pack. Consider what you can buy once you get to Houston. Supplies for school, food, and basic toiletries can be purchased after you move in. Check for sales and discounts.

Consider Shipping

Another way to minimize packing is to have some items shipped to you after you get settled. These would be things that you won’t necessarily need for your first few weeks or months on campus. Just make sure you have room for the items in your dorm or apartment.

Maintain a Calendar

Moving anywhere can easily throw off your awareness of time. Use a calendar to help you stay on track. Schedule major milestones such as when you should start packing, when you should finish packing, when you should depart for Houston, college move-in day, etc. The calendar will allow you to see how much time you have between one milestone and the next.

Leave Room for Memories

Even the most independent people can feel a twinge of homesickness from time to time. You will want to pack photos of your family and friends, special mementos and keepsakes, and anything else that will remind you of home. Don’t think of these things as taking up space. Think of them as an anchor to help you stay grounded through any difficult times you face at college.

Get to Know Your Roomie

If you will be living with a roommate, try to contact him or her before you move in together. See if there are items you can share (so that at least one of you won’t have to pack them). Space will be tight, so you both should bring only what is most essential.

With these tips, you will know how to pack for college. If you need additional help, contact one of the many available moving companies in Houston. Get comfortable in your new space and prepare for the most important thing—your first class.


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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