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How to Choose a Houston Area Realtor

If you are considering a move to the Houston area, you have a lot of critical decisions to make—how to sell your old home, how to find your new home, when to make the move, and more. Becoming overwhelmed is a likely (and natural) reaction.

Stop, take a breath, and start the process with some questions. What do you need to do to prepare your home to be on the market? What personal items do you need to move? What can be donated or sold? Most importantly, how do you find a real estate agent to assist you with the task of selling your home? This is an important question because if you secure the services of the right Houston area realtor, then you will save yourself from some of your move’s heaviest burdens.

Your best bet for streamlining the process of finding a real estate agent in Houston is to get referrals. Ask friends and family for realtors they trust. You should still perform your due diligence but relying on the experience of others puts you a step ahead. If you do not have a reliable source for referrals and need to shop around, don’t be shy about interviewing several Houston area realtors. Make sure they are a good fit for you. Remember: they are making sure you are a good fit for them, too.

As you work to find a realtor, you will want to get some key information from each real estate agent you consider. Ask the following questions:

  • How do they negotiate price? Real estate agents should always work to secure the best outcome for their clients. But how do they handle circumstances such as needing to make a quick sale?

  • What kinds of marketing do they do? The tools and strategies an agent uses to market your home will make a difference in how fast it sells and at what price. Do they have the knowledge and skills to use the latest marketing tactics?

  • How successful are they? Do their sales statistics support their claims? What is their level of experience in the field?

  • Do they have a specific area of expertise, in terms of type of home or geographic location? Have they sold a lot in the neighborhood you are considering? Your real estate agent should know about communities that would best fit your needs.

Come prepared with these questions and your search for a Houston area realtor will produce results.


Get quotes from multiple Houston movers

We'll match you with great companies at great prices.

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